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Nolvadex Treatment for Gynecomastia

Gynecomastia is a disorder characterized by an excessive growth of the breast among men. This happens because of excessive production of estrogen, a hormone among females responsible for giving a woman their female characteristics, such as an increased body fat on the legs and breasts. Every individual has generally both the estrogen, a female hormone, and androgen, the male hormone. For women, the estrogen levels is basically higher than the male hormone, and this dominance gives them the physique of a woman. For men, the androgen level is higher than the female hormone, giving them the masculine physique. However, this normal balance of hormones can be interrupted if a man is taking steroids to increase their muscle mass. This is so true among athletes and body buiilders who want to increase their muscles especially during a competition. Continue reading

Information About Nolvadex Ulcerative Colitis Fibroids

Tamoxifen is endorsed to treat metastatic bosom cancer, or cancer that has spread to different parts of the body. Tamoxifen is likewise used to bring down the shot of bosom cancer in high-hazard ladies (for instance, those with a family history of bosom cancer). The medication may likewise be recommended for off-name uses, for example, treating certain cerebrum cancers and McCune-Albright disorder, a hereditary issue that can bring about early pubescence in young ladies. Tamoxifen has a place with a class of medications called nonsteroidal antiestrogens, which obstruct the activities of the hormone estrogen. Aside from breast cancer treatment, Nolvadex is also used for gynecomastia, a condition wherein men experience excess growth of the breast due to high levels of estrogen as a side effect of taking steroids. However there are side effects and risks that you have to face when taking Nolvadex. The question is, can nolvadex cause ulcerative colitis and fibroids? Continue reading