Hormonal Therapy for Cancer. Buy Nolvadex

Cancer is one of the leading cause of mortality today. The real cause why there is cancer growth in our body is not completely understood. However, there are several hypothesis why this occur. This includes the wear and tear theory of our body. As we grow older, certain cell in our body mutate to become cancer cells resulting from exposure for carcinogens. Carcinogens are substances that may cause an abnormal growth in our cells. An example of these are UV rays and radiation. Certain drugs are also carcinogenic.

Over the past decade, the treatment for cancer has improved a lot. It will vary depending on the condition of the patient. It may be in a form of radiation, chemotherapy, surgery, or hormone therapy. Different treatments have their own side effects. But, usually these treatments work hand in hand with each other. Sometimes, a patient may need to undergo a surgery. After surgery, the patient will be under some chemotherapy and hormone therapy to prevent reoccurence or regrowth of the cancer cells.

One of the commonly used drug as adjunct to other treatments is tamoxifen citrate. It is marketed as Nolvadex.

Tamoxifen citrate is an anti- estrogen. It is a drug that prevents estrogen from binding in the receptors found on breast cells. Estrogen, a female hormone produced by the ovaries, is said to be associated with the growth of some of breast cancer cells specifically those that has receptors for estrogen.

As an adjunct treatment for breast cancer, tamoxifen citrate prevents the reoccurrence or regrowth of breast cancer cells after radiation or surgery. Radiation kills the cancer cells but this is non- specific. This means that even healthy cells can be damaged. After the procedure, the doctor usually prescribe tamoxifen citrate to stop cancer cells from coming back again. The recommended dosage for tamoxifen citrate is usually 20- 40mg.Tamoxifen citrate is also used to lessen the risk of breast cancer in women who has a higher predisposition for the disease due to their age, hereditary history, and other predisposing conditions.

Tamoxifen citrate is typically taken by mouth in a tablet form once or twice a day with or without meals. Take tamoxifen citrate at the same time each day to maintain blood levels of the medication. Tamoxifen citrate should be used as directed by the physician. Do not change your dose without consulting your doctor first. If you are taking tamoxifen citrate as a treatment for breast cancer, your doctor will be the one to decide how long the treatment will be. Do not stop taking tamoxifen citrate without the knowledge of your doctor.

A convenient way to buy Nolvadex is through online web pharmacies. Only get Nolvadex online from reliable and legitimate web pharmacies. Be sure you are getting the value for your money. This drug also has its own side effects. Talk to your doctor about these possible side effects. Benefits should outweigh your risks. Tell your doctor about anything that you are taking both prescribed and over the counter drugs.