Nolvadex Used for Ovulation Induction

Nolvadex is an anti-estrogenic treatment drug with capacity for selective hormonal receptor modulator.  This makes it very effective in treating breast cancer.  Since breast cancer is quite a unique form of cancer wherein the cancer cells of the disease attaches themselves to estrogen receptors, the treatment property contained in each pill of Nolvadex makes it a very effective treatment in combating cancer of the breast.  The drug acts more of like a hormonal treatment which is why it needs to be used continuously until the patient has completely been treated of the disease or is no longer considered as high risk.

Aside from treating breast cancer, Nolvadex can also be used to treat other medical conditions.  One of the more notable uses of this drug is Nolvadex used for Ovulation Induction.  Ovulation induction is essentially the stimulation of ovulation through use of mediation.  Nolvadex used for ovulation induction means that the drug incites stimulation of the development of ovarian follicles and revers anovulation.  Ovulation induction through medication may also be used in triggering release of occyte from ovarian follicles that are relatively mature.  Overall, Nolvadex used for ovulation induction is a means of helping women with anovulatory infertility issues conceive.

Although there are other treatment drugs that can be used to trigger ovulation induction under anovulatory infertility, the pregnancy rate are not as good when compared to using Nolvadex.  In fact, Nolvadex is the best choice when it comes to women who fail to ovulate or conceive because of anovulatory infertility problems.  Through the use of Nolvadex, women with infertility issues, even if they menstruating but has absence in the luteal phase of their monthly cycle, will be able to correct their ovulation issue.  This is the main reason why medical professionals prescribe Nolvadex to women even if they do not have any breast cancer issue or risk of developing the disease.

Nolvadex is a drug that was intended or originally designed as treatment for breast cancer.  Its estrogen antagonist properties helps stop hormone from reaching estrogen receptors.  While the treatment property may serve help for other hormone-related issues, its ability to help correct fertility problems in women, particularly anovulatory issue, has helped the drug surpass its original intended design.  As a fertility drug, Nolvadex used for ovulation induction works with 65-75 percent efficacy rating, thus making it very helpful for couples who want to conceive.

Keep in mind that even though Nolvadex is quite effective as an ovulation induction treatment, it does not mean that there are no risks involved in its use.  Remember that this drug was intended and designed as treatment for breast cancer.  The drug is effective as an estrogen blocker and can help in controlling cancer cells that are stimulated by estrogen.  Women are not advised to take this drug at any phase or stage of the pregnancy as it has the capacity to harm the child inside the womb.  If you are having fertility issues, before using Nolvadex for ovulation induction, it is recommended that you seek the advice of a medical professional first and never self-medicate.