Tamoxifen and Its Uses

Tamoxifen is the generic version of Nolvadex and is basically a medication that performs as an antagonist of estrogen receptors within the breast tissue.  It is the medication that is widely used for the prevention of breast cancer as well as the hormonal treatment for early breast cancer.  The main reason why these patients buy tamoxifen and use it in treating breast cancer only is because this type of cancer needs estrogen in order to grow and these estrogens bind with estrogen receptors and activates them.  What tamoxifen does is that it gets metabolized into compounds and binds itself with estrogen receptors as well but does not activate them.  Additionally, tamoxifen helps in preventing estrogen from binding onto the same receptors, thus blocking the growth of the cancer.

ICI Pharmaceuticals (now named AstraZeneca) discovered tamoxifen.  Although the drug is mostly known for being used in treating breast cancer, both for pre- and post-menopausal women, there are actually other types of treatments, people buy tamoxifen for:

Infertility – some women are prescribed to buy tamoxifen in order to treat their infertility.  Tamoxifen 20-40mg per day for five days is given during the 3rd to 7th day of a woman’s cycle.  Aside from this, tamoxifen is given for treat a rare condition called retroperitoneal fibrosis.

Bipolar Disorder – some patients are prescribed to buy tamoxifen in order to treat the mania of those with bipolar disorder through the blocking of the protein kinase C, which is basically an enzyme that is responsible for regulating neural activity within the brain.

Gynecomastia – one of the more common uses on why men buy tamoxifen is through the prevention of gynecomastia.  Of course, not all men who develops gynecomastia are recommended to take tamoxifen as only men who are into body building, particularly those who are taking anabolic steroids are inclined into taking tamoxifen.  The reason as to why they buy tamoxifen and use it is because when they are currently into the cycle of their steroid use, their body has lowered levels of estrogen.  However, once they are put off their steroid cycle, the body will begin try to compensate with the low levels of estrogen by producing more.  Such high levels of additional estrogen within the body means that all the work they have done building muscle mass will be lost.  Basically, what tamoxifen does is that it inhibits water retention, thus preventing excess water weight within the chest muscles.

Cancer and Angiogenesis – women buy tamoxifen for its anti-breast cancer properties and early breast cancer treatment capacity.  Tamoxifen is actually one of only three drugs that is considered as anti-angiogenetic which prevents the development or growth of new blood vessels – a condition that plays a very important role towards the development of cancer.  It was a research named Dr. Judah Folkman who actually discovered angiogenesis and how it plays an important role on the development of cancer.  This discovery actually helped researchers isolate and make inhibitor drugs that can prevent angiogenesis.  What makes tamoxifen useful in the treatment of cancer of the breast is that it prevents the estrogen from binding to receptors because the compound in itself does that.