Tamoxifen Citrate and its Other Medical Uses

Tamoxifen citrate is a treatment drug that is given to women who have breast cancer issues.  This drug has the capacity to treat cancer of the breast while it is still at its early stages.  Aside from this, tamoxifen citrate can also help in preventing breast cancer, which is why the drug is also prescribed to women who have a high risk in developing the disease.  However, the treatment property of tamoxifen citrate is not only limited to the treatment or prevention of breast cancer.  In fact, tamoxifen citrate has the capacity to treat many more.  Here are some of the uses of tamoxifen citrate.

Medical Use of Tamoxifen Citrate

Breast Cancer – the development of this disease can shorten the life of the person who has it.  Although the disease does not immediately kill, it needs to be treated.  Contrary to what others may think, breast cancer is actually treatable, provided that the disease is caught early on during its development.  In fact, aside from being treatable, the condition can also be prevented.  If you have a high risk in developing the disease as diagnosed by your physician, you can use tamoxifen citrate to help lower the chance of developing the condition. Through the use of tamoxifen citrate, if you successfully manage to treat your condition, you will be able to live your life fully.

Gynecomastia – this condition is when male exhibits a female-like breast.  There are different variants of this male condition and one of them is linked to estrogen.  Since tamoxifen has anti-estrogenic effect, using it will help in preventing the condition from getting worse.  The condition of gynecomastia creates an effect wherein the nipple becomes sensitive or sore.  Taking tamoxifen citrate will help in providing relief for such symptoms.  By lowering the levels of the female hormone in the body, estrogen-related gynecomastia can be effectively treated.

Infertility Issues – women who have ovulation cycle issues can benefit from taking tamoxifen citrate.  Their anovulatory disorder can be remedied using the drug.  Basically, without any ovulation, a female cannot conceive.  Even if the female menstruates, having an absence in the luteal phase in their monthly period can make a woman infertile.  To remedy this issue, taking tamoxifen will help in correcting the menstruation cycle of the female.

Rare Conditions – the SERM property of tamoxifen can help in remedying rare conditions like idiopathic sclerosing mesenteritis.  Basically, this condition involves chronic inflammation of the small intestines.  The scarring and/or formation of fibrous tissue in the mesentery are also noted.

Important Reminders

There are many other medical conditions that tamoxifen citrate can help treat.  Before taking tamoxifen citrate for any of the conditions mentioned, it is important that you consult your issue with a medical professional.  It is important that you have full understanding of the condition that you have developed and that you also get proper instruction on how to treat it.  If your doctor deems it is necessary for you to use tamoxifen as treatment, you have the option of getting this treatment drug online to enjoy better savings.