Tamoxifen Citrate As A Threat For Breast Cancer

If you or a loved one has been detected with breast cancer, it is essential to understand some basics of breast cancer including the disease process. Breast cancer is one of the most dangerous disease or illness that a woman could ever have. Early detection of breast cancer can save life, and proper medication is needed to prevent the cause of breast cancer to come back. This article will help you get an overview of what this common condition in women is all about.

According to statistics, one in eight women gets affected with breast cancer during their lives. The exact cause for this is unknown. But there are risk factors that make a woman more likely to have this. One risk factor is age. It comes with the wear and tear process of our body. As we grow older, our cells tend to have this abnormal replication also. This abnormal growth can be due to carcinogenic substances. Another factor is genetics. There is a familial tendency with breast cancer. If you have a family member who suffered from breast cancer, the likelihood of you getting the same disease is higher.

There are different stages of cancer. The earlier breast cancer will be detected, the better. Early detection is the key for a good prognosis of breast cancer. It is recommended to have a clinical breast examination annually. Mammography, a useful diagnostic tool in detecting lumps, is advised for women aged 40 years old and above.

Now, let us talk about the treatment. There are several treatment modalities for this disease. Most of the times, they are used in combination with one another. These include surgery, radiation, chemotherapy, and hormone therapy.

One of the commonly used drug as adjunct to other treatments is tamoxifen citrate. Tamoxifen citrate is an anti- estrogen. As an adjunct treatment for breast cancer, tamoxifen citrate prevents the reoccurrence or re-growth of breast cancer cells after radiation or surgery. Radiation kills the cancer cells but this is non- specific. This means that even healthy cells can be damaged. After the procedure, the doctors usually prescribe tamoxifen citrate to stop cancer cells from coming back again. The recommended dosage for tamoxifen citrate is usually 20- 40mg.

Tamoxifen citrate is to be taken by mouth in a tablet form. It is typically taken once or twice a day with or without meals. Take tamoxifen citrate at the same time each day to maintain blood levels of the medication. Tamoxifen citrate should be used as directed by the physician. Do not change your dose without consulting your doctor first.

If you are taking tamoxifen citrate to prevent the occurrence of breast cancer, you will be taking it for five years. However, if you are taking tamoxifen citrate as a treatment for breast cancer, your doctor will be the one to decide how long the treatment will be. Do not stop taking tamoxifen citrate without the knowledge of your doctor. Always consult your doctor.