What Are Citrate Tablets For?


The most obvious and first sign for breast cancer among men and women are breast tumors. Although everyone can be candidates of having brast cancer, statistics have revealed for the past years that women have higher risks for this ailment as compared to men. The development of breast tumor happens when the cancer cells are being fed through estrogen, a hormone foudn abundantly among women. The cancer cells can attack the normal and healthy cell, damaging the structures of the DNA, and eventually spread to the other parts of the body, affecting the other organs. According to the world health organization, breast cancer is the leading cause of death among women. This is the main reason why for females who have family histories of breast cancer, or for those having high risks for this disease, are advised by their doctors to take tamoxifen citrate tablets for prevention and treatment.

As what we have monetiond previously, all people are at risk of having breast cancer; however women are more susceptible than men. Women who have family histories of this disease should not take breast cancer for granted as they are more likely to have it. Doctors generally prescribe citrate tablets to prevent the onset of the tumor growth in the breast. Men who are susceptible for breast cancer are also advised to take citrate tablets. These medications are known to be very effective in treating early stages of breast cancer and preventing growth of the cancer cells in the breast.

Men who are using steroids for body enhancements have high risk of experiencing gynecomastia, or also known as the enlargement of the breast. During a steroid cycle, the body decreases the productions of testosterone and increases the estrogen hormones which are supposedly for women. Because of this, men using steroids begin to develop a womanly physique by increasing body fact and enlarging the breast. This is very undesirable for men. In order to recover from steroid use and prevent gynecomastia, men ought to take citrate tablets after a steroid cycle. However you are not advised to take citrate tablets alone; you have to be supervised by an expert who understands about bodybuilding, gynecomastia, and citrate tablets. We do not advise you to self-medicate with citrate tablets since this could also have dangerous side effects.

Some women who have already reached the later stages of breast cancer may benefit a lot in using citrate tablets. Doctors usually recommend this in combination with surgery or chemotherapy. According to experts, breast cancer women who take citrate tablets have higher chances of survival as compared to those who did not take at all. The good side about using citrate tablets is that it does not suppress the production of estrogen but rather prevent it from combining with the receptor cells that can develop into tumors. Thus your body can still benefit with the functions of estrogen. So if you need a treatment for breast cancer today, tamoxifen citrate tablets are definitely the best choice as prescribed by doctors.