When Should You Buy Tamoxifen?

Tamoxifen is an effective medication used to treat breast cancer in men and women. Commonly known as an estrogent antagonist, one major role of tamoxifen is to block estrogen from being combined with the receptor cells that trigger the growth of tumors in breast. One big advantage of using tamoxifen as compared with other similar drugs is that it does not suppress the production of estrogen. Thus, the other parts of the body can still benefit the uses of estrogen and so the other organs can still function well. Thus so far tamoxifen has been considered the best option for treating breast cancer as well as preventing breast tumor among women who are at high risk or predisposed for having breast cancer. This is why a lot of doctors recommend their breast cancer patients to buy tamoxifen as treatment. So when are you going to consider tamoxifen as treatment?

Buy tamoxifen if you have been positive with breast cancer

Often times, knowledge about breast cancer start with a doctor’s diagnosis. Generally cancer symptoms do not show up until they are in the later stages, that is why women are recommended to undergo lab tests like mammogram at least once a year for early diagnosis. Early discovery of tumors are treatable than those at the later stage. You can begin to buy tamoxifen as long as the doctor has prescribed you the medicine and take it within a limited period of time. For women who have the tumor at later stages, tamoxifen may be combined with chemotherapy sessions or surgery to remove the tumor.

Buy tamoxifen if you are at high risk of breast cancer

Some women are predisposed of having breast cancer because it runs through their genes. Often times a diet may not help at all. So if you have family members who have breast cancers, it is better for you to prevent it early than to be sorry. These women are recommended to have regular check ups and might also be advised by their doctors to buy tamoxifen as a prevention drug. Tamoxifen will help you prevent the growth of tumors if you have it in your families. And since prevention is better than cure, taking tamoxifen within a limited time will help you prevent the onset of cancer.

Buy tamoxifen only when your doctor prescribes it to you

Since you have already known some of the uses of tamoxifen, you might be tempted to buy tamoxifen without your doctor’s notice. Remember that not all people might have the same reactions with the drug. Some people might not be suited to take tamoxifen, so for your own sake buy tamoxifen only if you have been recommended by your doctor to use it. The drug might have negative effects on you if you were not approved by your doctor to take the medicine.

Lastly some men might also buy tamoxifen as a post cycle drug after taking steroids. This will help them prevent gynecomastia. If you buy tamoxifen for this purpose, make sure that you have been guided by an expert for your own safety.